Drinking water

Drinking water plant

Our expertise in the fields of electricity and hydromechanics enables us to work on the design and turnkey construction of drinking water supply facilities.

Our design office carries out the detail engineering and calculations:

  • Electrical master diagrams of all types, installation and connection drawings
  • Civil engineering guide drawings
  • Industrial PLC, SCADA programming and remote management
  • Hydraulic diagrams
  • Adjusting the electrical protections, cable cross-sections, earthing circuits, illumination
  • Sizing of the pumps
  • Sizing of the pipes
  • Sizing of the anti-water hammer

We implement the following processes and equipment:

  • Water intakes
    Drilling or catchment
  • Pumping stations
    Electrical and hydraulic buildings and equipment
  • Water treatment plant
    Treatment equipment
  • Transportation
    Pipes in cast iron, steel, PVC or HDPE
  • Buffer basins (tanks or water towers)
    Civil engineering
    Tank equipment (electrical & hydraulic)
  • Distribution