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Latest news

RMT carries out floating water intakes in Senegal


RMT is setting itself a new challenge and tackling the irrigation market, by designing and installing floating water intakes on the Senegal river. The water which is pumped will be used to irrigate village fields (rice and multiple crops) in the area of Podor in Senegal, between the villages of Boki and Pathe Gallo.

The turnkey project comprises the engineering, supplies, installation and commissioning of the electrical and hydraulic equipment for [...]

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Port facilities


RMT is carrying out the maintenance on the electrical installations at the port of Lomé in Togo for the company LCT (Lomé Container Terminal).

Within the framework of the construction of the new Lomé container terminal, LCT had awarded RMT the contract to design and [...]

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RMT confirms its place on the African market


RMT confirms its place on the African market by signing 2 new contracts with EDG (Electricité de Guinée). 

For the first one, RMT will carry out work to improve the performance of the electricity grids in the city of Conakry (Guinea) in order to meet the city’s [...]

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