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Latest news

RMT equips an inflatable dam in the Ivory Coast


The Ivory Coast’s Ministry of Agriculture has awarded RMT, subsidiary of the Clemessy Group, with the contract to build an inflatable dam on the N’ZI river and two pumping stations intended to irrigate 450 ha of rice and vegetable growing land. The two balloon-tanks, supplied by a British company, reach 3 metres high by 30 metres wide.

In order to equip this dam, RMT first of all built a 10 km medium-voltage overhead line in order to carry the current from the village to the two pumping stations, which were about 2kms away. It was only then that the experts were able to equip the stations from a mechanical and ...

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POOL Project, Congo


RMT is currently working for the Direction Générale des Grands Works (DGGT) in the Congo on an electrification project for 6 chief towns in the region of Pool (sub-region of Brazzaville).

For this project, RMV is in charge of the electrical and civil engineering, the procurement, the building and the commissioning of all the installations.

In order to supply the local network, 6 power plants equipped with[...]

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ATV-4 successfully launched


The ESA’s fourth ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle),  Albert Einstein, has been launched by an Ariane 5 rocket bound for the International Space Station.
Having left Kourou on 5th June at 23.52, the spacecraft separated from its launcher 3 hours and 4 minutes later. It will arrive after 10 days of manoeuvres on 15th June and perform an automated docking with the ISS.
Sponsored by the CAC (Community of Ariane Cities), this flight will make it possible to highlight Mulhouse Alsace Agglomération and Clemessy which are co-presiding the CAC this year.

The main mission of the ATV, named after Albert Einstein, consists in supplying the space station with food, fuel, oxygen, equipment... On average, 7 tons of freight is thus transferred to the station, bearing in mind that the vehicle weighs around 20 tons and is the size of a British double-decker bus. It is the heaviest space vehicle ever launched by Europe and it is carrying the biggest dry payload ever transported by an ATV.....

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