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Latest news

Clemessy Morocco equips the Noor II and Noor III solar power plants


As part of the completion of the new Noor and Noor III phases of the Moroccan solar plan in Ouerzazate, Clemessy Morocco and RMT, working on behalf of MASEN (Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy) and the Saudi industrialist Acwa Power, are starting three new projects.
It is worth noting that Noor II is a solar power plant based on concentrated solar power (CSP) technology, with a capacity of 200 MW and which uses parabolic trough collectors with a molten salt thermal storage system for 7.2 hours.[...]

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RMT celebrates its 40th anniversary


It has been 40 years that RMT got created in the Clemessy Group.

On this occasion you can discover the new "history" page of our website. It displays some of our majors experiences.

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RMT carries out floating water intakes in Senegal


RMT is setting itself a new challenge and tackling the irrigation market, by designing and installing floating water intakes on the Senegal river. The water which is pumped will be used to irrigate village fields (rice and multiple crops) in the area of Podor in Senegal, between the villages of Boki and Pathe Gallo.

The turnkey project comprises the engineering, supplies, installation and commissioning of the electrical and hydraulic equipment for [...]

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