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RMT, 40 ans d'histoire

Clemessy sets up the the RMT subsidiary in Kehl, Germany, to support its French customers on the German market. Two offices are leased and soon the company grows and occupies the entire site in Kehl, premises which it became the owner of in 1982.

RMT expands its business by offering the expertise of Clemessy to German manufacturers in the automotive and automation sectors.

Developing its offers in sub-Saharan Africa, RMT wins its first contract in Equatorial Guinea. The company is involved in the electrification work in the city of Malabo, as well as its airport.

The first reference in the field of water for RMT which installs a pumping station for the city of Fez in Morocco. Five motor pumps with a capacity of 600 m3/hour supply the city by tapping into the wadi Fedou.

RMT carries out its first project in Senegal involving the electrification of the city of Dakar.

At the end of the war in the Lebanon, RMT is mandated by the World Bank to rehabilitate the electrification of Beirut. It deploys over 1200 MV/LV substations and redoes the civil engineering required for the electrification of the city which then only has a parallel network of generators.

50% of the company’s staff goes to live in the Lebanon for 3 years to carry out this project.

RMT develops a subsidiary in Guyana to support the Guyana Space Centre on projects involving the construction and maintenance-operation of security and protection systems for the launch facilities.

The company obtains ISO 9001 certification, the international quality management standard.

Continuing its expansion on the African continent, RMT sets up several permanent establishments in Benin, Senegal, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Conakry and the Congo.

The setting up of Clemessy Morocco reinforces the Group’s presence on the African continent.

After developing its expertise in the fields of energy and water treatment, RMT turns towards clean energy and focuses on renewable energies.

It completes its first photovoltaic project by participating in the construction of the PV power plant in Toul (France), with a total output of 143 MWP.

RMT secures the ISO 14001 qualification for its environmental management.

As leader of a consortium, Clemessy-RMT win the contract to design and build the largest photovoltaic facility in Europe in Cestas (France). With a total power capacity of 300 MWP, one million panels were installed over a surface area of more than 250 hectares.

RMT celebrates its 40 years of existence in Clemessy.