Power transmission

63 kV to 225kV high-voltage (HV) substations

We design and build high-voltage switchyards and substations :

  • Power plant switchyards
  • Transformer and distribution substations

Our various references show our ability to design and carry out these substations whatever our customer’s standards, norms or operating principles (national electricity company, industrialist …).

Our engineering capabilities allow us to handle turn-key work and services, from the sizing of HV equipment to the monitoring & numerical control of the substation, not forgetting the protection plan.

We implement equipment from any of the large manufacturers, both in terms of HV equipment and protection and monitoring & control systems.

Our work and services cover :

  • Design engineering Sizing the HV equipment (circuit breakers, line disconnecting switches, busbar disconnecting switches, earthing disconnecting switches, combined measuring devices (CT, VT, CVT), lightning arresters, power transformers)
  • Protection plan
  • Civil engineering guide drawing
  • Monitoring & control and supervision architecture
  • Project management
  • Detail engineering
  • Electrical master diagrams of all types
  • Installation and connection drawings
  • Civil engineering work drawings
  • Automation and monitoring & control engineering
  • Functional analysis, programming, supervision imagery, alarm management, analyses (histories, trends, etc..), oscilloperturbography
  • Calculations
  • Cable cross sections, earthing circuits, adjustment of the electrical protections
  • Planning
  • Engineering, supply, factory tests, transport, works on site, tests & commissioning on site
  • Operating and maintenance manuals
  • Training the operating and maintenance staff

We provide you with the following equipment :

  • Power transformers and auxiliaires
  • Equipment up to 245 kV (circuit breakers, disconnecting switches, TC, TP, busbars, frameworks support, lightning arresters, line traps, etc.)
  • Line section, coupling section, transformers section cabinet comprising the digital protections and control units
  • Programmable logic controllers, servers, communication network, supervision equipment for the substation
  • Earth cables, power distribution and monitoring & control, fibre optic cables distribution
  • Communication equipment : video, access control, anti-intrusion, telephony
  • MV distribution boards
  • Direct and undulating current distribution systems (battery chargers)
  • Emergency generators