Power generation

Renewable energies

Hydroelectric power plant

RMT’s dual electrical and hydro-mechanical expertise enables us to work on the design and turnkey construction of electrical and mechanical equipment for low capacity hydroelectric plants (< 1MW), including those integrated into drinking water supply facilities.

Our work and services cover the following:

  • Design engineering
  • Hydraulic unit including the hydroelectric generators
  • Speed control of the hydroelectric generators
  • Voltage control of the hydroelectric generators
  • HV substation
  • AC low-voltage distribution
  • DC low-voltage distribution
  • Protection drawings
  • Monitoring & control et electrical protection of the hydroelectric generators
  • Monitoring & control of the hydroelectric plant
  • Functional analysis of the control, supervision and monitoring software
  • Project Management
  • Purchasing
  • Definition studies, technical purchasing specification
  • Detail engineering
  • Electrical master diagrams of all types, installation and connection drawings
  • Civil engineering guide drawings
  • API, SCADA programming
  • Calculations
  • Adjusting the electrical protections, cable cross-sections, earthing circuits, illumination
  • Planning
  • Engineering, supply, factory tests, transport, works on site, tests & commissioning on site
  • Operating and maintenance manuals