Power generation

Renewable energies

Our expertise in carrying out large energy projects on the African continent, has led us to pursue tenders relating to solar energy production projects, whether it be photovoltaic or thermodynamic.

Photovoltaic power plant

Our specialists carry out turnkey (EPC) work and services on ground-based photovoltaic power plants with a capacity of several dozen MW. They are able to integrate the construction of the switchyards and HVB lines, up to 225kV for connection to the grid.

The power range of our projects goes from a hundred or so kWc for photovoltaic installations to the ground-based PV park of several dozen MWc.

We are able to build photovoltaic plants of all power ratings :

  • on island with or without storage battery
  • interconnected with the grid
  • interconnected with independent or emergency diesel generator sets

Our engineering capcity allow us to manage:

  • The design aspects of the project
  • Assistance in seeking investors with a view to funding
  • Turnkey completion / EPC (Engineering, procurement, construction)
  • Assistance with operating and maintenance matters

The main components our ground-based plants:

  • Earthworks and civil engineering with local partners or with the support of our parent company EIFFAGE
  • The supporting structures: in galvanised steel or in aluminium, on driven piles or on screws, in landscape or portrait, south or north or east/west orientation
  • The PV modules or panels (monocristalline, polycristalline or thin films)
  • The string or central inverters
  • LV/HVA (LV/MV) transformer substations
  • The HVA switchyard or HVA/HVB transformer substation up to 225kV


Our commitments can relate to the yield factors, the availability ratios or what is producible in comparison with a reference cell.