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Our Projects

Current Projects

The national office in charge of monitoring and planning projects has on behalf of SEGESA – the national electricity company in Equatorial Guinea – awarded RMT with the contract to carry out packages 2 and 3 concerning the electrification of the Island of Bioko. These projects follow on from the PICO project in Malabo, the aim of which is to provide electricity to to the 3,500 households along the route.

For this project, RMT handled the following:

  • HVA / LV substations
  • Overhead HVA network
  • Overhead LV network

Our teams carried out all the works required for transmitting the electricity, from the power plant to the households: HVA and LV substations and transformers, HVA and LV poles, meter boxes and 3,500 individual meters. In order to do so, our teams pulled 51km of overhead LV network in insulated cable and 54km of 33kV HVA network in bare cable.