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RMT strengthens its position on the Kourou Space Centre in French Guiana


RMT strengthens its position as electrical contractor at the Kourou Space Centre by signing two new maintenance contracts with CNES/CSG for a total duration of 7 years (2018-2024).

The first one concerns the renewal of the operating and maintenance contract for the security and protection systems of the entire Guiana Space Centre (CSG).
Classified as a Vital Point of Importance (VPI), the CSG requires a high level of protection through high-tech systems and equipment, which is why the CNES has renewed its confidence in RMT to keep this equipment in operational condition. RMT understood what is at stake for the CNES/CSG and was able to establish an attractive offer both from an economic and technical point of view. As a result, the partnership will continue with this historic contract which RMT has held since 2002.

The second contract concerns the operation and maintenance of the CNES/CSG's power generation and distribution facilities.
RMT is now the sole contract holder and will rely on the support of the Clemessy Guiana office to carry out part of the work.

The geographical scope runs from the Space Centre in Kourou to the remote sites and the satellite tracking stations in Natal (Brazil), Libreville (Gabon), Ascension (South Atlantic Ocean) and Bermuda (North Atlantic Ocean).
Thanks to these two successes, RMT’s label as "Space Centre electrical contractor" is reinforced as the company holds the contract covering the entire energy scope.