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RMT confirms its place on the African market


RMT confirms its place on the African market by signing 2 new contracts with EDG (Electricité de Guinée).

For the first one, RMT will carry out work to improve the performance of the electricity grids in the city of Conakry (Guinea) in order to meet the city’s increasing demand for electric energy.

In order to do so, RMT will carry out the following work:

  • Construction of 49 MV/LV substations equipped with shielded and SF6-insulated cubicles and 630kVA transformers
  • 200 km of overhead network comprised of 37 km of 20 kV line and 167 km of LV line.
  • 1,950 wooden poles and 2,250 concrete poles will be manufactured and installed by our teams on site
  • 4,000 public lighting fittings
  • 20,000 subscriber connections.


This major project for the city and RMT will include an environmental impact study.

The second project is aimed at reinforcing the public lighting network in the city of Conakry.

MV/LV electiricity distribution poles

MV/LV electiricity distribution poles